Friday 20 April 2018

New Power for the W&Q

All weathered up with a fireman and engineman added.
I finally got back to working on my Bachmann 2-6-0  a few weeks ago. I have had the tender completed for some time now and posted about it a few months back. The engine had a loose connection that needed soldering and the missing headlight top section needed constructing which held up the project. Since I did not have a headlight and was not able to track one down I used a Tichy barrel cut to size which seemed to make a good cover. This maybe replaced when I track down a proper O scale headlight. The engine was painted Floquil engine black followed by some acrylic rusting and PanPastels and powders. The numbering is from a Mount Blue boxcar decal set. I used some white paper to make the winter cab curtains as it is late fall on the layout with winter just around the corner...enjoy...George Dutka

As it is late fall on my W&Q Ry the canvas curtains are applied. These I made from some heavy paper which got a bit of gritty sanding and PanPastels.

Heading to the water tank on the W&Q On30" module. Note it is earlier in the fall and the curtains have yet to be applied.


  1. Very nice! I love your weathering.

    1. Thanks turned out way better than I thought it would...have been practicing a lot on HO scale rolling stock over the winter...George