Thursday 19 October 2017

Portland, Maine Visit

The consist is now assembled with enough coaches to handle a bus load of passenger that was to arrive shortly.
Last week my wife and I made a trip through New England. The only location up in Maine we got to was Portland. Although we spent most of the day along the waterfront and shops I did manage to get a good group of shots while walking our dog along the walkway next to the Portland museum...George Dutka.

The switcher pulled out the Forney for some time in the sun before grabbing its train and spotting up.
Looking down to the engine shed.

As we walked the ROW the little engine switched the yard, then pulled it's train down for boarding. Our dog did not seem to be interested at all.

Before we left for the shops down the road the narrow gauge train pulled up to the end of track near were the cruise ships dock to pick up a bus load of passengers.

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