Sunday 28 May 2017

B&SR Tank Car - On30"

The finished On30 model.

A few years back Peter and I painted and lettered two Bachmann On30 tank cars. I believe we also lowered the trucks as per Bob Hayden's article in the Narrow Gauge Gazette some years ago.
My tank was undecorated so it was painted silver. We built a wood frame around the tank such as on the prototype and following Bob's article. I weathered mine using Bragdon powders.

The B&SR letter is from a set made for a flat car project years ago by Trevor Marshall. Kind of a neat model once all done...George Dutka

The flat is painted boxcar red with a deck which is painted with Floquil grime and wash's by Hunterline.


  1. That's neat - I'm glad you were able to find another use for that lettering!
    - Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64 - but before that, Maine in On2)

    1. Hi Trevor...I was glad that I still had an extra set of decals available...George