Friday 12 August 2016

Art Fahie's Wharf Street Layout

An overall view of the ferry operations at the entrance to the Wharf Street layout.
If you have or plan on visiting Bar Mills located in the replica SR&RL Strong station then the Wharf Street layout will be front and center during the visit. Art built this layout during the months  prior to the National Narrow Gauge Convention held near by in Portland, Maine, 2007. One can have a good read about the layout in Great Model Railroads 2014 or RMC Sept. 2007. This Sn2 Maine Ry., era 1925, is built in a 6'by17' area. The photos tell the rest of the story....George Dutka

The town center has structures similar to newer kit offerings.

A view from above looking at the center of the Wharf Street layout.

A view along the docks.

A beautiful looking schooner is docked along the waterfront. A Canon pocket camera shot.

A load of pulpwood is ready to go at the Wharf.

The car ferry arrives at the Wharf Street docks. Another pocket camera just set on the water using the timer.

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