Tuesday 16 June 2015

1931 Ford Bus - Greenfield Village

A mint condition 1931 Ford Model AA bus is a good way to get around Greenfield Village.
As a Maine two foot modeler a visit to Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Mi. this past weekend was very inspirational. One of my favorites was a ride in a 1931 bus. No seat-belts required as the seating was tight. Once two of you are in the seat there is no way one will get out. A really interesting ride. For more on the park check out my WRD blog...George Dutka

The driver is very informative about the bus and about the park. He is dressed in period clothing.
The 1931 bus is seen traveling along the streets of Greenfield.
A rear view of the bus.
A ride around the park in this vintage bus is 50 cents. If you want to ride in a model T Ford around Greenfield it will cost you $5.00.

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