Monday 30 March 2015

Year Three Begins

Looks like the weather is better on the W&Q Ry. then here in Ontario today with the local herd out grazing. By the way that is brand new medium length static grass the cows are eating...I added some just a few weeks ago.
March 30, 2015 marks the beginning of this blog's third season. I don't blog as regularly as I do with my White River Division blog, but my heart is still with my narrow gauge models. I am getting excited to spend a bit of time up in Maine narrow gauge country during the warm weather, if we get some. I did make it to Maine back in January, but unfortunately not to railfan.

Peter and I just completed an upgrade to our scenery and detailing on the On30" modules with the thought of a future article. You will find some photos of what took place shortly. So I hope you will continue to follow along through year three...George Dutka

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