Friday 20 December 2013

HOn30 Forney

Sandy River No. 5 looks at home with its crew hard at work. A N-scale Bachmann dockside was the driving force of this engine for many years.

I built this tiny little engine back in the 1980`s using a N-scale Bachmann dockside plus a set of Sloan brass etchings. There are numerous detailed parts that I also added that I don`t recall were I obtained them from. This engine spent most of the past two decades in a box. Now out of the box I was not surprised that it does not was running rough when I put it away many years ago. Instead of getting rid of it I decided to give it an update a few years ago and use it as a static display on my work bench. I added two figures to the cab and touched up the paint were missing. I then decided to give the whole engine a light overcoat of Floquil grimy black. The tiny Forney also got some chalk weathering. These two photos of the engine I took yesterday as I sat at my workbench enjoying a moment between projects. Although it will never run again, it still looks great sitting on my diorama and I can now enjoy it as it currently if still in service...George Dutka

My little engine is being turned on a small diorama that sits to the left of my workspace on my workbench. It got a cosmetic update a few years back that keeps it current.

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