Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Two Foot at Randolph, Maine

An overall view of Randolph, Maine. The coal unloading facility is seen in the foreground. The prototype railroad was only 5 miles long running from Randolph to Togus. The trains normally operated 4 times a day between the two locations.
 The Sn2 Crew has included on their modular layout a model of Randolph, Maine which is still under construction. These photos gives one an idea what the Kennebec Central Ry. looked like in town. Don and I stopped by Randolph on our way to the WW&F Ry but could not find any evidence of the railway were the yard once stood, but I did locate the stairway that lead from the roadway up above down to the station...George Dutka

Operations were suspended abruptly on 29 June 1929 after the federal government awarded the coal-haul contract to a trucking firm. The locomotives were closed up in the 2-stall Randolph enginehouse and the cars waited on sidings for 3 years. Then a December 1931 an enginehouse fire in Wiscasset damaged the locomotives of the nearby WW&F Ry. The owner of the Wiscasset railroad bought the whole Kennebec Central Railroad for less than it would have cost to repair a burned locomotives. Kennebec Central engines #3 and #4 were trucked to Wiscasset, repainted, and renumbered 8 and 9. Some of the box car and passenger car bodies were sold as sheds, and the remainder floated down the Kennebec River during the 1936 flood.

The Queen Ann style station was down along the river with a long staircase up to the roadway above which was near the covered bridge that passenger would use to cross the river to Gardner, Maine's MEC station.

Another view of the yard layout.

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