Thursday, 10 November 2016

Boxcar Construction

Looks like this car is a five man job. Boy that is a lot of sawdust under the car.
While visiting Lex Parker's great On3 DRG&W layout one of the mini scenes got me thinking of maybe I can do this also for my Maine two footer module. A partly constructed boxcar with a few workers and a load of lumber is all one might want to give this a try...George Dutka

An overview of the car under construction located right on the layout's edge.
A load of lumber is set in place to finish the project.
I really love this scene and one does not need a kit...just a good set of plans and some scale lumber. One can actually start with just the frame and as time goes by, just take it back to the workbench for a bit more construction.Visitors could follow the progress as the floors, walls and roofing are added.

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