Friday, 19 July 2019

SR&RL freight on the move.

This is a scene I always though of modeling. Once again another photo I purchased sometime ago with no date. I really like the looks of this bridge which was modeled on the C&DR years ago. Plans were also included in an old article which I have set aside. The train appears to be a good size and full of boxcars, no pulpwood cars this time.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

SR&RL Group Photo

SR&RL engine number 24 is seen in this posed photograph.
The gang is all together in this photo that did not have any details marked on it. If you want to model you head end crew in the cooler months here is a good look at what they once wore...George Dutka

Monday, 15 July 2019

FOS Fresh Fish House

An overall look at how the structure looks. Now to get the scene built that will house it.
The model is done and here are a few additional views for you to enjoy...George Dutka

I modeled my fresh fish structure with all the doors open. This required a bit of flooring to be added to these areas. Note how the door has been weathered. The white and green gunge has been sponged onto the door. The sign also go some acrylic rust. The ladder is a Railroad KITS free offering at a past Expo.

Friday, 28 June 2019

Carrabassett Station

End view of the SR&RL station.
Interesting to see how the lower boards are weathered and worn. Maybe something to master for our models...George Dutka

A close-up view of the end sign...the best I could get it.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Schomberg Ramp - Part Two

The FOS crates are added to the scene. The sack, barrel and box are cast plaster casting from Schomberg Scale Models. To the lower stones and a couple of flat surface areas I randomly sponged on a coat of AK slimy grime dark which is a gungy green. I also applied some into the cracks and seams with a fine brush.
A few more views of the finished ramp ready to go once my bench work goes up next fall...George Dutka

Some boards are scattered around along with Bar Mills newspapers. Static grass, some ground foam and Scenic Express weeds are also applied.
The dirt is actually cast into the plaster casting. I just added india ink-alcohol mix to the ground and very lightly highlighted it with the Hunterline concrete colouring.

Friday, 7 June 2019

Schomberg Loading Ramp

My finished O scale loading ramp.
Christopher of Schomberg Scale Models was clearing out some of his stock and was offering this nice looking hydrocal casting of ramp. More on this ramp in a second post...George Dutka

The casting as it looked when I got home.
The other side.
I gave the whole casting a coat of india ink and alcohol followed by Hunterline weathering mix cement sponged on the stone face.
A second coat of india ink mix was put on the gravel and dirt section. I applied some ground foam and weeds along the edges and static grass in other areas.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Strong Station Kit

The roof is removable giving me the option of lighting and an interior.
You had a preview of this model in the last Wordless Wednesday. At a recent train show I picked up a few O scale structures that have a Maine two foot theme. This one is well built although missing the spire. It is a Banta Modelworks kit which I already have on hand but not built. It will work as a stand-in till mine is built. One might wonder why I purchased it when I already have one to build. Well it was a great deal. Can't turn down a deal. Two stations, a freight house and motor car shed all built for $55...George Dutka

The station is glued to two pieces of Gatorfoam. Not sure if they will be removable .
An overhead view looking into the interior on my workbench.
A look at the other side of the station.

Saturday, 4 May 2019

FOS O Scale Crates

My finished crates with a bit of detail added to one.
I recently built a few FOS O scale crates for addition to a loading ramp and for leaning against a structure. The photo captions tell the story...George Dutka

What one gets in the package. Note FOS ships this item for free.
I begin by staining the crates with india ink and alcohol mix. I then glue them together. I give them a dusting of PanPastel gray and attach a label. There are a good amount of labels to choose from.
They are very easy to glue together and the powders really add to the weathered look.
Three are seen on the loading dock.
I glued one to the side of this small structure and added some signage and papers to fill it up.
Another look at how I filled one box. The bit of brown tone around the handles are actually the colouring from the laser burning done during cutting.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Clinic - The Magic of Rust

I had two tables set up for attendants to try their hand rusting up roofing sections. I had assembled about a dozen roofs that could work as awnings or open style sheds. I had a number of my finished roofs scattered around the two tables for inspiration. The gentleman in the plaid shirt is retired CN transportation officer Gary Johnston who worked for a time in my terminal.
At Schomberg I presented a hands on clinic on how I add rust to roofing and rolling stock. About eight attendants gave it a try. It is a very easy technique to learn. I hope to present this clinic once again at other events.

The following was the write-up found on the shows Facebook site.

"Adding rust to structure models and rolling stock is a favourite step with scale railroaders. However, doing it authentically and without overpowering the model is the trick. George is a very accomplished modeller in different scales and gauges. He has shared several building techniques previously and this one is ‘hands-on’: getting rusty.

Maybe you will be in the area next time the clinic is offered and try it yourself, it is a very simple technique...George Dutka

This section of roofing was being weathered by a young lad (maybe 14 years old) who was attending the show with his grandfather as an operator on their HO scale display. He is part way done his roof when I took this photo. He actually completed his roof and it was one of the nicer (rustier) models. I keep hearing there are no young ones in model railroading.
Another completed roof. Two colours of acrylics are used followed by some Bragdon bright rust and a sponge coat of dollar store silver. The base coat I spray painted on the roofs prior to the clinic using gray primer and Princess Auto Iron.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Schomberg Narrow Gauge Show - Part Two

A great looking model entered in the locomotive portion of the contests. I believe this one was the winner for locomotives.
Here we find a few more views from last weekends get-together..enjoy....George Dutka

Mt. Albert brought along two HO scale kit offerings. I was disappointing to find out none of their wood bundles were available at the show. This is something everyone looks forward to at the show each year.
This is my rolling stock contest entry which won and also received the Mt. Albert award for the best use of wood. I took a DRG&W cattle car added a Maine two footer door and a beat up roof making it into a line-side tool car. More on this car in another post. David Woodhead photo.
A look inside the door of the kit. The flooring is tongue and groove. David Woodhead photo.
I took along one of my HOn30" diorama's. This one is the gravel pit scene. David Woodhead photo.
This is a paper kit built by Bruce Leckie for his On30" sectional layout.
An overhead view of the vendors and displays on the second floor. I am taking the photo from the upper level were the contest models are on display.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Ontario Narrow Gauge Show 2019 - Schomberg

This critter model took first in that category.
On Saturday I attended the Schomberg narrow gauge show presenting a clinic, entering models in the contests and displaying some of my On30, HOn30 and structures. The day went really well. My clinic was well attended, I fielded a lots of questions about my display and I did not overspend at the various booths. My haul this year in the contest categories was first in rolling stock and the Mt. Albert, best use of wood award. Both were for my O scale tool car shed made from a stock car. So not a bad day...more to come later in the week...George Dutka

My haul for the day was plaster castings in O scale from my friend Christopher of Schomberg Scale Models.
My display table of On30, Hon30 and various boats, structures and trucks.
This was a last summers project  built by David Woodhead at the lake. The model is built from a Train Troll kit to resemble a boat found in Algonquin park.
A HOn30 Monson boxcar partly built was offered for $15, but I held off.
Following the prototype.
One could stock up on tools.
This O scale structure won first in structures and also best of show awards. The two photos below view more of the model.

The details look very realistic including the tree.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Tree Making

My finished trees are seen on my W&Q module. The tree to the left is the raffle prize tree I won built by Pat Rivard.
In April the WOD’s meet was a Make and Take tree building clinic.  The clinic was hosted by Pat Rivard. He has made hundreds of these tall pines for his layout and we learned how to make our own.
Pat took us through all the steps of tree building and surprisingly we all had at least one finished tree by lunch time. Pat gave out a few extra trunks as take-home projects. I decided to paint and highlight my tree trunk before I left since all the paints and stains are still in front of me. I was lucky to win one of Pat’s finished tree as a raffle prize. So, I went home with two completed trees, a finished trunk and leftover branches from my tree build. These are all in O scale. 

When I got home, I decided to plant my two trees on my W&Q On30 module. My bottle brush tree was replaced. The trees looked great and got me motivated to finish my other trunk. I thought while the steps were fresh in my mind and all my tree making tools were still together in a box on my workbench, I should finish the tree.  After supper in no time at all the tree was done and planted at the loading dock ramp...George Dutka

Mike and Gord shape their tree trunks. All the supplies are laid out for us to complete at least one tree.
Peter Mumby has his trunk coloured and is applying tree branches.
Peter and I are about done with our trees.
One more step Pat applies hair spray to my tree branches then ground foam.
This is my third tree planted near the loading dock on the W&Q. I used all the leftover branches I had.
Another view of my newest trees. I think they turned out great.