Saturday, 12 January 2019

Atlantic Scale Modelers Swampcott Dory - Second Look

As mentioned before the main colouring was Hunterline cordovan brown stain. Once dry the whole boat got a coat of PanPastel raw umber shade. Highlights are PanPastel titanium white.
Here are some close-up views and also looking down into the interior of how my model turned out...George Dutka

Some AK slimy grime dark is applied to the interior
The tips of the oars got a bit of Floquil caboose red. The oar chocks are just wire included in the kit. Some small holes are drilled in and glued in place.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Building Swampcott Dory

All the parts are laid out and gluing with begin shortly.
Back in the fall I got started on this project. I have had this kit for a number of years. Here is what I got in the package to build the Atlantic Scale Modelers O scale Swampcott dory and how it all went together...George Dutka

The oars will have to be sanded round.
One side is glued on while the second side middle area has been glued on first. This portion of the assembly was the hard part of the construction. Some clamping is required. I just used rubber bands.
The boat is assembled and will shortly be stained.
A side view. The bow and edges are sanded, rounding them out a bit.
All finished off and ready for a ride in the bay. Hunterline Cordovan brown was the main colouring while AK slimy grime dark was used as staining along the water line and bottom. I also dry-brushed the slimy grime over other areas including the interior. Some PanPastels are also used.

Monday, 31 December 2018

WW&F Ry. - Video

Here is a link to two current video from the WW&F Ry up in Maine...George Dutka

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Saturday, 29 December 2018

WW&F Ry. Facebook Page Photo

Here is a great Christmas photo posted on the WW&F Ry. Facebook page...check it out for other great views...George Dutka