Saturday, 12 November 2016

Maine Two Foot Railcars - Boothbay Railway Village

A short string of rail cars are under cover at Boothbay Railway Village, Sept. 2016.
On my visit to Boothbay this Sept. I photographed a string of railcars that are in the need of restoration although they are under cover. I am thinking this will help them out to some degree. Three boxcars and one combine are what one will find there...George Dutka

This W&Q car is the best looking car of the string.  It appears to have some newer sheathing with a recent paint job. This car was built in Portland, ME. in 1894 for the W&Q Ry. It's original number is #312.

This car was built in Portland, Maine in 1916.
The opposite side shows the rough condition of this car.

SR&RL #133 was built by the MEC in 1912.

This combine was built for the Franklin & Megantic Ry. in 1885. Still looks pretty good for her age.


  1. Far better storage than the museum in Portland.

  2. Your right about that...hate to see all that neat stuff in Portland out in the weather...Georgee