Tuesday, 20 March 2018

FOS Scale Models O Scale Gas Station - Completed

My finished model turned out a lot better than I anticipated. A great kit to build and display.
I recently completed my FOS Scale Models gas station. It will eventually be included into my next On30 module. The kit went together well. There was a few issues with following the directions but all worked out in the end. The kit could have used a few photos looking down at the roof but I did have a chance to view the finished kit in person during the Springfield Train show. I actually took a photo looking down. On my model I included a lot of junk on the roof...will show you that later. Much of the colouring and weathering was done using PanPastels and Bragdon powders...George Dutka

The side shed walls before the lumber is attached. Some of the boards on the main structure are pulled up.
The shed walls are finished and ready for staining.
The side structure is test fit and trim will be painted shortly.
The side shed is stained and ready to be attached. The gas sign will be attached once the tar paper roof is added. The sidewalls are coloured. I stopped working on the kit till I returned from the Jan. Springfield train show with views of the model looking down.
The sign sheeting is seen in the foreground. The gas pump island is almost done and will be glued in place.
The gas pump is a detail needing assembly.
Lots of signs and details are included with this kit.
Some of the details laser cut and included in the kit. The barrel is a Tichy part also included. One needs to assemble the pop cooler, crate and electric meter.

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