Monday, 12 March 2018

B&H Caboose 101

At Bridgton, Maine late 1930's. Bob Werner Jr. photo
This winter at the Springfield train show I picked up a nice group of B&M prints of the B&H. Here they are. Bob Bennett had an article published in the Gazette, March/April 2006 showing how he built a Sn2 version. It was reported that the cupola of 101 was guillotined by a low wire on its first trip leading to the roof cover at one end...George Dutka

At the Bridgton, Maine freight shed during the late 1930's. Bob Werner Jr. collection.

B&H 101 in front of frt. shed late 1930's. Note the patching on the frt. house roof. Bob Werner Jr. collection.

At Bridgton with machine shop in background late 1930's Bob Werner Jr. collection.

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