Wednesday, 14 September 2016

National Narrow Gauge Convention 2016

The WW&F Ry ran a railfan photo special on Thursday evening. Don and I took this in and was by far the best we saw even with the overcast conditions. This scene was after the freight delivery at a rural crossing. More on this to come.
This years National Narrow Gauge Convention was in Augusta, Maine. Don Janes and I took in as much as we could. There was a lot to do and by no way could one do it all. Here are a few photos from our trip with future posts on specific topics to follow...George Dutka

The old two foot railcar is seen running during our visit to the Boothbay museum. Unfortunate it made its last run here...we did not get a chance to ride it.

One of my favourite MAINE layouts was the Great Lakes group. A nice group of guys that explained how it all came member of the group cleaned up on the awards...never seen one guy win that much.

Another of the many modular layouts. There was three large rooms of layouts running with more outdoors.

Ontario modeler were seen in many location. The boys from the Schomberg show had a nice display. Some others had modules set up and running in other rooms.

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