Thursday, 21 July 2016

Sandy River Tool Flat

The finished work flat is ready to go. I pretty well cleaned out my O scale detail drawer on this project. When I purchased a Crow River Products clam-shell bucket kit I knew right away were it would go and this project began.
Back over the winter I finished off a Sandy River Car Shop flat. I decided to turn it into a tool car using some of my O scale detail parts including a large bucket. Some up close detail photos were posted some months ago if you scroll back a bit.

This 8 stake pocket flat cars I acquired partly built. I did have to track down O scale stirrups, grabs and trucks. I used HO scale Kadee couplers and pockets. The trucks I eventually used came from a Bachmann flatcar that had its trucks replaced. The Bachmann car got the newer low riding trucks leaving these as excess. The stirrups are Tichy #2009 and Grandt Line 14" brake wheel #33. I used HO scale scale casting for the underside, Walthers 933-829. I later found a O scale piston which was replaced.

A wash of Floquil boxcar red is applied to the sides. The deck has Hunterline weathering mix applied followed by a wash of Floquil grime and Bragdon powders. I did distress the deck before weathering. The lettering is from a Mount Blue Model Co. SR&RL flat car set. Gloss coat and dulcoat was applied using a brush while decaling.

I picked the number from the list of 8 stake flats which ran on the SR&RL. I am not sure if that car ever got the sideboards I added or if it was used as a tool car. I just liked the idea of a flat car loaded with details that could be put to use along the right of way during maintenance....George Dutka

My two Sandy River Car Shops flats I purchased years ago. The top one I have finished and will paint shortly. The bottom flat  is seen as it came to me. A set of Bachmann trucks and a Bachmann On30 flat model are also seen in the photo. Note the Bachmann car is much shorter than the Sandy River car.

Some of the details that will be added to the flat once the sides are built up. The barrels and details mainly came from Schomberg Scale Models. I found a package of joiner bars at a flea market which I also used. Some axes, hammers and lanterns came from Berkshire Valley Models.
The gondola sides are added and given a coat of Hunterline stain. Final weathering will be added shortly along with the decals. The lumber came from mixed Mt. Albert stock. I just used pieces that looked right. From photos I have seen of SR&RL flats these planks could vary.

Some of the details are added. I added a few wooden match sticks stained as bracing and so on. Some other broken scraps of my leftover stripwood is also seen inside the car. The clam-shell was modeled really rusted which I think makes the car. Some concrete blocks by Schomberg Scale Models are added.

Another look with some of the details glued in place.

The work car is loaded with equipment needed down the line. I added some fine wire coils and a couple lengths of chain to the mix.

All the details are glued in place. I did add a bit of real dirt shortly after this photo was taken.

The finished model sits on the Sandy River Car Shops plans.

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