Monday, 18 April 2016

Visiting Bar Mills Models - Part One

Peter and Art at the front door with a really nice mural behind them on the wall.
The Thursday before the Fine Scale Expo Peter Mumby and I booked a time slot for a tour of Bar Mills which was included in this years Expo. It was to be about an hour long but by the time we photogarphed the Sn2' layout it turned into nearly two hours. Here are a few views of what we saw that will be followed shortly with views from our tour of the plant...George Dutka

Peter getting a few shots of the Sn2' layout which is near the front door. A lot of the kit stock is found stored under the layout...kind of reminds me of all the stuff stored under mine which needs building.

Rusty Radiator diorama is a kit I have that still need building. An interesting set of  wall angles

Graves is a newer kit on display near a window. Art was very helpfull, pulling the blinds down.

The wall outside Art's office one can find a collection of original drawings used in Bar Mill ads and on their web site.

Art had two screens on the go all the time. At the moment he was working on a line of kits for another kit manufacturer.

All past and present kits are displayed on shelves all around the building.

Art holds up a kit in a larger scale that once was offered by Fine Scale Models...more to come in another post.

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