Sunday, 17 April 2016

Schomberg Narrow Gauge Show - 11th Annual

Mt. Albert Scale Lumber was handing out flat car flooring as samples during the day. The O scale plaster castings are 4 for a dollar that I picked up from Schomberg Scale Models.
Yesterday was the annual Ontario Narrow Gauge Madness. A great group of narrow minded modelers showed up to take in narrow gauge in many scales. The models and modules are very creative to say the least. Peter Mumby and I hauled up a collection of our narrow gauge modeling to help fill a display table...the photos tell the story...more photos on my White River Division Blog...George Dutka

This was a real creative scene. On30" equipment was used to model a amusment park attraction. There is more to this layout than one can see...will explain later. The roller coaster in the background is a painted copy of one set up in the Vancouver area.

Mt. Albert Scale Lumber display of sheeting that was available for a great price.

One of the clinics Peter and I attended was how to make O scale trees out copper cable using solder on the base and furnace filter on top. Here Chris Creighton showing us how it is done.

A large scale operations.

Looking through the door at the Crowsnest display. The keys in the desk is also modeled.
Here we see my just completed On30 SR&RL flat car. I entered this in the rolling stock contest and won. Also won two awards for my O scale W&Q frt. house, best structure and the Mt. Albert Scale Lumber award. An unexpected haul of awards...but fun. Will cover this car in a future post.

Peter and my display table.
This engine won a award at the Kansas City National Narrow Gauge show a couple of years ago. Amazing engine. Each rivet was drilled and pounded in place. It was on the For Sale table.

Peter and I had lunch outside since it was a great sunny, warm day. Here we see one of the operating layouts that was sold at the show. I though it was a great deal for what the gentleman got...more on this one later.

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