Tuesday, 7 July 2015

S Scale Narrow Gauge Models - RPM Meet Collinsville, Ct.

A look at two S scale flat cars. The car on the left if a Westside Lumber Co. 3 foot gauge model. The car on the right is a WW&F 2 foot model.
Maine Narrow Gauge in S Scale
This group of photos I took are of models that  Dave Davies displayed of his work at this years RPM Meet in Collinsville, Ct. The models are S scale with most of the focus on Maine two foot gauge...enjoy...George Dutka

An overhead view of Dave Davies Mount Blue Model Co. under construction boxcar models...all S scale.

A Mount Blue Model Co. WW&F 28 foot boxcar kit well under way.

A closer look at Dave's kit-bashed version of a seven stake WW&F flat car.

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  1. Hi George...

    Great looking models! How do I get on an E-mail list or forum where I'd see any announcements regarding another meet in Collinsville CT?? I live less than 30 minutes from there and have been an HOn2/n30 and occasional Sn2 modeler for about 35 years.