Friday, 17 July 2015

Leased Power on the W & Q

Here we see Barry's two pieces of "modern" power.  #4 is a modified Bachmann gas/mechanical unit.  #7 features a kit-built body on the mechanism of a Bachmann HO 44-ton loco.

Images and Text by Peter Mumby
My friend Barry Storey stopped by recently to check out the W & Q module.  It seems that Barry's collection of G, O standard gauge, HO, N, and Z models has recently been supplemented with a group of On30 pieces.  We were able to pose some of these units in the yard at Quebec Junction.  Barry kit bashed and detailed the internal combustion power himself; the steamers came from the Bruce  Peachey collection  when Bruce was in the process of retiring his On30 layout.

We caught a close-up of #4 near the Quebec Junction station.

A pair of these 18' Bachmann boxcars showed up with the locomotives - they probably carried enough spare parts to ensure the safe return of the units to home rails!

This Climax is another Bachmann model.

Steamer #67 is a modified Bachmann Forney with an added tender.

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