Sunday, 24 August 2014

Wiscasset & Quebec Ry. - Peter's Engine

Peter Mumby's module and power in the early stages of scenery. I took these photos a couple of years ago. The yard office is finished but awaiting detailing in this scene. The Bachmann engine got a facelift to follow our layout's theme.

Peter Mumby has a nice looking Bachmann steam engine that he was planning on running on our Wiscasset & Quebec Ry. modules. It was undecorated but painted. I don't recall all we did to it as it was a few years back. We did use my W&Q HO scale Sloan decals applied on the sides. I have had these from decades and I was not sure if they would still be good enough to apply...but they worked out well. The cab roof was painted tuscan red and the engine became good old number one. Some light weathering was added also. It does not follow the real W&Q Ry. heritage but it is good enough for us giving Peter a engine to fool around with. We think it looks kind of neat hauling our small fleet of flats and boxcars from module to module....George Dutka

A close up look at Peter's road power for our W&Q Ry.  For some reason the crew has taken off...must be lunch time in Maine or maybe Quebec...our modules skirt the borders of the two.

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