Wednesday, 20 August 2014

100th Post

Peter Mumby's On30" module which is part of the joint  Wiscasset and Quebec Ry. Photo by Peter Mumby.
100 is kind of a magic number especially if it is your age. I have had a very busy summer this year. Between being at the lake and re-carpeting the whole house (we got a great deal on carpet in June) I have been pulling carpet and painting each room as I go along. As it turned out they showed up and started laying the wrong carpet the last day of July....its a long story...we basically moved without leaving the house...all our furniture is piled up in two rooms and we are living like college student with a mattress on the plywood  floor...all should be back to normal on Monday when the flooring is done.

As you can see no time for posts or modeling. I am getting anxious for modeling season to begin...should be in early October once the boat is out....till then have a great summer or what is left of it....George Dutka

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