Monday, 7 April 2014

Portland Locomotive Works - Constructing a Water Tank

The tank is ready to be added to my module.
SR&RL White Birch Water Tank - O Scale
 One may have seen my "What is in the box No. 2" back in December that included all the parts for this kit. The kit did not have any plans included but was a very straight forward build. I used canopy glue for most of the wall construction. I used Walthers Goo to add the fine skin siding to the walls. The corners take a little extra effort to get a nice fit. I used some 1x8" HO scale trim for roof eves as none are included. I modeled the door as open giving me the option of adding details inside the doorway. On the door I used Grandt Line hinges #5095 and a door handle from my HO scale parts box.

The walls are finished. Window, spout and chimney needs to be added along with the roofing.

The walls got a coat of Hunterline Weathering Mix. Once dry a wash of Floquil grime was added and a second wash which was Floquil rail brown in areas that I wanted to highlight. Bragdon powders are used to weather the walls a bit more. The window and door got the same applications.

The roofing included with the kit is very nice. It does have to be glued on strip by strip which was not a problem. Once applied it got a coating of Bragdon powders...mainly soot. A chimney is included which was painted Floquil old silver before adding. The water spout and brackets are painted the same with some weathering added. The glazing for the window got a spray of flat finish before installation. I am really happy with how the water tank turned out and for the price of $31.00 it is an excellent deal...George Dutka

Roofing and chimney is added and weathered.
Rear wall.

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