Thursday, 17 April 2014

Berkshire Valley Inc. - 1934 Pickup Truck

Building an O Scale Truck
What's in the Box No. 3 gave one a view of what is included with this nice truck kit. I used Walthers Goo to attach most of the parts once filed and cleaned. I did have to do some extensive trimming to the axles so the wheels would fit under the fenders. I painted all the parts Floquil Brunswick Green (which is almost black). The headlights, grill, bumper and gas cap are painted Floquil old silver by brush. I dabbed some signal red on the tail light and stick shift ball. I was going to paint the truck two tone as seen on the box but decided to use Bragdon weathering powder for the coloured areas. I went with Antique Iron brushed on the cab which gave it a nicely weathered look. I also covered the rims with the same powder. The frame, tires and truck bed got a coating of my black soot powder. This project was a nice change from my other winter model projects and surprisingly not at all difficult to build...George Dutka

The old pickup is being put to work...seems an arriving boxcar  load of local freight needs delivery.
The truck is ready to roll other than I still need to find a plate to make things legal.

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