Friday, 8 November 2013

My WW&F Milk Car

My finished Hood milk car is ready for service on the C&Q Ry.
Hood's on the C&Q Ry.

I decided to turn one of my 1980's vintage HOn30" boxcars into a milk car. I also wanted to use my Hood's placards on this car. Since the WW&F did have a milk car I decided to use my red WW&F Ry. boxcar for this project. It was a simple upgrade. I just added a stack to the roof, and the two placards to the side.

I had already photocopied a few logo's, reducing the crest size a bit before starting this project. These I cut out of the sheet and sanded the back a bit so they would be thinner. I ran a pencil along the edge so the white cut mark would not stand out too much. I used Walthers Goo to attach my placard and off to the creamery it goes....George Dutka.

This car I scratch-built back in the early 1980's in my early modelling years. I did not have much to work with but I think it turned out well. Looking back it is hard to believe some of my early modelling projects are actually scratch-built models instead of just putting together Athearn blue box kits which was common at the time.

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