Friday, 1 November 2013

C&Q Transfer Yard

An overhead view of the C&Q Ry. transfer yard. The short piece of track to the left is the main line.
A glimpse inside the C&Q Ry. HO scale transfer yard diorama

The C&Q transfer yard is one of the small HOn30 dioramas I currently use to display my models through my modeller's season. It is a small diorama which has one standard gauge and one narrow gauge track in the yard. The front of the scene is bordered by the main line trackage. The base is made from homesote. As mentioned before I now use Gatorfoam for bases. I hand laid the narrow gauge track but the standard gauge track at the rear of the diorama is flex track. I used fine limestone screenings for ballast for narrow gauge tack and cinders for the standard guage siding. The diorama measures ten inches by sixteen.

The yard is pretty much full at the moment...not sure why the transfer Foreman is sitting down. The layout used for the background is my White River Division standard gauge operation.

I built a small loading platform, a roadway into the yard area, and placed one of my Maine two foot boxcars  in place as a shed. The wheels are removed and set away for another project. The rest of the scene if full of small details that might be found around such an area. The diorama scenery was done using the water soluble style....paint, glue and shades of Woodland ground foams. I also planted a small tree behind the boxcar. Some real dirt and limestone screening is used for the roadway area. This module is a great place to display my narrow and standard gauge equipment...George Dutka

The Junction yard on the C&Q is quiet today with only the Hood's milk car waiting to be lifted.
During the summer months while I am the lake I box my HOn30 modules and cover them with a plastic bag. This keeps the dust off. I leave my rolling stock in the box also, so I can find it the next season. The boxes are stacked under my HO scale White River Division layout.

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