Friday, 11 October 2013

MEC Interchange - Section House

This is a great little model that takes no room at all on any layout. Mine will be added to my HOn30 C&Q Ry. interchange.

Adding a section house to your interchange

All the Maine two footers interchanged with the MEC I believe. I build a MEC section house a couple of years ago and now plan to add it to my HOn30" C&Q Ry. - MEC interchange yard. Creative Laser Design offers this structure which is an easy build. I purchased the kit at the 2011 Model Railroad Expo held in Peabody, Mass. I have done a write up on how the construction of my kit went on my White River Division blog. There is a link below to the site if you want a better look at it...George Dutka

 White River Division

The interior of this structure can be seen next to the section house. Additional photos can be found on my White River Division blog.

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