Saturday, 12 January 2019

Atlantic Scale Modelers Swampcott Dory - Second Look

As mentioned before the main colouring was Hunterline cordovan brown stain. Once dry the whole boat got a coat of PanPastel raw umber shade. Highlights are PanPastel titanium white.
Here are some close-up views and also looking down into the interior of how my model turned out...George Dutka

Some AK slimy grime dark is applied to the interior
The tips of the oars got a bit of Floquil caboose red. The oar chocks are just wire included in the kit. Some small holes are drilled in and glued in place.


  1. George, Well Done! You have inspired me to go back and weather my dory model! I built mine several years ago, applying a coat of a tan paint as seen on the dories in Mystic Seaport. I now need to go back and make my look like it is doing work!

    1. Hi Pete:
      Glad you like it. It turned out better than I thought. PanPastels and Bragdon powders work well for weathering, but a coat of Hunterline stain or india ink-alcohol mix will works also to weather a painted hull...George

  2. George, just ordered a dory kit! I will look great tied up at the wharf of my Sheepscot & Sandy River Rwy. Thanks for posting yours......

  3. Hi Tom
    Great, I really liked how it turned out...George