Tuesday, 14 November 2017

New Engine - Train Show Find

My latest On30 find.
At a recent train show I came across an On30" 2-6-0 with a really low price and a sign noting it will not run. Although it is a western engine the SR&RL did have I think three or maybe four 2-6-0's that got converted into 2-6-2 at the Maine Central shops. I don't recall seeing a photo of a SR&RL 2-6-0 but I thought I could remove a lot of the details that make it a western engine and emulate the engine as a SR&RL engine before conversion. I noted it also had DCC added. 

Well for $15 it was a bargain and I took a chance. I could not get the DCC to work but when removed the engine ran fine in DC mode. Now to pull the details off and repaint...George Dutka

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