Thursday, 27 July 2017

"Franklin" Based on Maine Narrow Gauge Ry - On2

A look at the roundhouse area of the modules.
At last September's NNGC there was a nice looking modular layout which was depicting Maine in On2. What I found really interesting was the group brought the layout with them from England by plane...a real feat I would think...enjoy the views...George Dutka

Overview of the Franklin station area.

There was a lot packed into this display module. I don't recall the length but I would think it was 12' at the minimum.
Some great looking rolling stock and the track work was also done nicely.


  1. Hi George,

    Bob Harper's layout is On2 not On30, and there is more information available at

    1. Thanks for the extra information and correction of the scale...George

  2. I seem to have suffered from some gremlins with my first message.

    The correct url for Bob Harper Franklin module is;-
    and more of his work is shown at;-


    1. Thank Terry for the correction...checked out the blog posts...neat stuff...George