Thursday, 12 January 2017

My New Little Bridge

My On30" caboose is almost into the yard on my W&Q module. This small one foot add-on makes use of a Hunterline Queens post bridge I built at a WOD work day.
My little one foot addition is now finished and attached to my W&Q module. Here are some photos that I took recently...George Dutka

Trash such as a tire, some railroad ties and a barrel is found under the bridge.

I added some lily pads to the foreground. These are HO scale but look better in an O scale scene. The colour is a bit bright. I will be toning these down with a bit of soot Bragdon Powders. I used some extra long static grass in the foreground. The small rocks are from the beach were my boat is at Bayfield. The marble blocks are from my old HO scale causeway I disassembled a couple of years ago.

The weathered rail is added, code 83 is used.

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