Sunday, 18 December 2016

New Module for W&Q

 My Hunterline 50' Queen Post truss bridge module is well underway last month. The modules got a coat of a tan base. Mine got some river rock and beach sand from up at the lake.The creek has a light green colouring which will be repainted shortly into a more dark green-brown look.
Peter Mumby, Don Janes and I attended a WOD (NMRA divisional) meet back in Dec 2015. We each built a Huntlerline Queen post bridge. Peter and I went for a S scale model which would work well for our On30 modeling. I covered this WOD event on my WRD blog during Dec 2015 if you wish to take a look. Peter and I decided to build a small one foot wide add-on module to incorporate our bridges. Here is how they looked last month...more information to follow....George Dutka

I assembled two frames that would work for both of our W&Q On30" modules from scraps. This was about a year ago. Last month we finally got back at this project and they are now finished...just need to get some photos of Peter's modules on his layouts for part 2...a sneak peek of mine was last weeks Wordless Wednesday.

This was our first work day last month. Cardboard bases and webbing was applied.

By the end of our afternoon work session over at Peter's we had got both modules looking a lot better than they looked for the last year.

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