Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Schomberg Scale Models - Wood Coal Silo - O Scale

Schomberg Scale Models coal silo applied to a small diorama.
Back in 2010 I picked up and built a Schomberg Scale Models O scale hydrocal wood coal silo with a octagonal roof. A nice looking kit that does take up much room on a layout and pretty basic to build. I guess the hardest part in construction is filling the air bubbles holes found on the main portion of the structure, and that is not all that difficult. The band's turnbuckles need to be glued on. On the roof the cast on ribs I found a bit rough so I replaced them with styrene strips.

The whole structure got a coat of gray primer. The concrete base is Woodland Scenic stone gray. The main body is Floquil boxcar red and tuscan red followed by Bragdon dark rust powders. The roof is painted Floquil Pennsy green with dusting of Bragdon powders. I really like how this model turned out and will be incorporated into my next W&Q module...George Dutka

The band adjusters are separate pieces which are glued on with Canopy glue. The bucket and scoop are from Berkshire Valley.

The base is completed the the main body is primered.
The roof was modeled as weathered copper. Sylvan coal is used around the base.

Lots of weeds are added to the Homasote base. Now days I use Gatorfoam for the base.

A bit of roadway is also applied made of limestone screening.

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