Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Additions to the Fleet - Open Top Hoppers

The W&Q will be getting a few hoppers shortly.
Last year Peter and I purchased a few of Bruce Peachey's nicely scratch built On30" hopper cars. We spend a bit of time last Monday cleaning off the lettering. I have them at home now for painting. They needed a few end rivets replaced prior to a new coat of paint on the sides. The cars also had a bit of a load inside. I decided to remove this from my two cars...Peter will have that option when we get together to re-letter the cars for our W&Q fleet...George Dutka

A look down into the three cars. The additional end rivets are also seen in the photo. One has the load cleaned out viewing some of the interior details.
I have been busy scraping out the load. The interior has some nice details such as chains were the load rested.

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