Saturday, 22 November 2014

Loading Ramp is Loaded

Seems there is a lot of freight to move today. Don't see any workers around so it may be awhile before it is all sorted out.
I finally finished the scenery update around the new structures added to my On30" W&Q Ry. module. This ramp was first viewed in my June 28, 2013 post if one wishes to look back. The loading ramp has been loaded with a few of my new casting collected this past year. The roadway was altered to accommodate the ramp. Now to find another truck to add to the scene...George Dutka

My new ramp is actually an S scale model that seems to work well for my On30" scene. It was originally used on Doug Rochefort's  S scale layout.
Many of the barrels and sacks are plaster casting that received at coat of Hunterline stain then some Bragdon powder.

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