Saturday, 25 January 2014

Adding a Platform and Details to the Freight House

My W&Q O scale freight house now has a nice platform to rest on.
Since freight will have to be loaded from boxcars into the doors of the freight house I needed to build a raised platform. I had a lot of scrap Mt. Albert lumber that could make some nice looking deck planks. These I cut to size and beat up a bit using my hobby knife before staining them Hunterline weathering mix. I used mainly what I had on hand for the bracing and supports. Don't think I need to explain how to build the platform. I did weather all the boards with Bragdon powders as most of the interior is visible through the open doors...the rest of the details are added to the roadway a the structure walls are starting to bow out from the load inside....more photos to come....George Dutka

I am at work with my chopper cutting the Mt. Albert planks. I had used Hunterline weathering mix for staining.

As you can see I used almost all my details on this project. Since the module is small there will not be may structures to use them on.
One of the two freight helpers is seen here. Seems he has a lot to move around.
The REA sign is a made from a photo I took of the sign on the B&M Ely, Vermont station. The blue sign is from the HO Haydenton covered station kit.
This view one can see the rear wall with an open freight door. Note the sturdy hinges I added to the door.

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