Friday, 10 May 2013

C&Q Gravel Pit

The C&Q gravel pit diorama is seen in front of my  Richard Brown's book. The flat cars are PGP model products from years ago. I used limestone screenings for the loads.
The Carrabassett & Quebec Ry.
 The current HOn30" Carrabassett & Quebec Ry. is a group of 4 diorama's. The Jct. station, Jct. transfer yard, turntable and gravel pit. The turntable can be found in Wordless Wednesday No. 3. My structures and equipment at one time was part of two modules that had narrow and standard gauge trackage. Once the modules were retired my narrow gauge equipment was stored away for about 20 years. I was at the point of selling it all when I came up with an idea to build diorama's to once again display my narrow gauge work. These diorama's could be at some point used in a small layout. Anyhow once again I am enjoying my Maine Two Footers.

My C&Q pit diorama sits in front of a Richard Brown's New England book on top of my filing cabinet which is located next to my work bench. One day I noted that I could actually use the book as a backdrop if I could get the angle right. The photos below tell the story...George Dutka

I moved my camera back a bit to view how my book looked like as a backdrop. An additional view of this scene can be found in Wordless Wednesday No. 2.
Richard Brown's New England is excellent inspiration for my own New England photography. In Bob's book he usually explains how he came across the scene. Most of his photography is done at just after dawn and just before sunset.
As you can see in this image I need to angle the camera better to hide the words found at the bottom of the book. I did not notice this till after I took the photo...I saved the image as a reminder.

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