Friday, 26 April 2013

SR&RL Marbles Station Model - HO Scale

The HO scale Marbles station on Dave Frary's module on display at the 2012 Expo.
 BEST's  SR&RL Station Kit 
Rangely, Maine Waterfront Station

At the 2012 Model Railroad Expo held last October in Lancaster, Pa. there was a modular layout which included many sections built by the various vendors. One was done by Dave Frary including the station seen here. As usual Dave did a great job on the kit. It is BEST kit #1070. Check out their web site for a prototype photo. Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains - Welcome! Happy modelling...George Dutka

Although the prototype station was located in Rangely, Maine on the SR&RL narrow gauge line it sure looks good to me next to a standard gauge double main line.

A look down the tracks at the station. Don't recall seeing a phone booth next to any narrow gauge stations but if you are running double track by one with a heavy passenger presence one would eventually turn up. I took these photos.

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