Saturday, 30 March 2013

Welcome to Modeling Maine in Narrow Gauge

I decided to start this blog as a way to display my narrow gauge modeling and possibly inspire one to give narrow gauge modeling a try. I did not want to mix my narrow gauge posts with my standard gauge White River Division posts, a Northern Vermont line. I did write one Maine narrow gauge post on the WRD blog.  I will be re-posting it here shortly. The link below will take you to the WRD, my main modeling interest.

When I began modeling in 1979 I had just purchased my first modeling magazine.The November MR cover back then was an interesting view of the C&DR Ry. modeled by Frary and Hayden. That Maine Two Foot feature really made an impression on me that still remains today. Although I do most of my modeling in standard gauge, HO scale, I do dabbled in HOn30" and in the last 4-5 years On30" also. I hope you find this blog interesting, helpful and onward...George Dutka

White River Division

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  1. Hi George:
    Great idea - I've done the same thing with my blog, by separating out my live steam interests from my S scale Port Rowan layout.
    I think you and Peter have done a great job so far in capturing the look of the Maine two-footers - much better than many working in On30. So I have subscribed to your posts via RSS and look forward to reading about your M2F adventures.